Corporate Strategy

Sinochem Holdings will implement the strategy of innovation-driven development, commit to the value of “In Science We Trust”, and adhere to the overall strategic positioning of building a company “led by life science and materials science, supported by petrochemicals and environmental science, driven by science and technology”. Sinochem Holdings will operate in eight businesses covering life science, materials science, petrochemicals, environmental science, rubber and tire, machinery and equipment, city operation and industrial finance, aiming to be industry leader of global influence.

Life science business consists of agrochemical business for planting industry and animal nutrition business for breeding industry. The agrochemical business will fully tap the potential for synergy and develop quality agricultural materials and comprehensive agricultural services. The animal nutrition business will enrich the product portfolio and expand the business scale.

Materials science business will leverage existing strength to enhance engineering plastics, silicon fluoride and polymer additives, explore potentials in the lithium battery materials and electronic chemicals, and provide integrated chemical materials solutions on key downstream application areas like automotive.

Petrochemical business will extend and upgrade the industrial chain to produce "more chemical but fewer petroleum products", develop high-end polyolefin, and strengthen raw material foundation.

Environmental science business will focus on industrial water treatment, hazardous waste treatment, and soil remediation, strengthen environmental protection in chemical industry, and ensure green development of chemical industry.

The rubber and tire, machinery and equipment, city operation, and industrial finance business will build on their strengths whilst strengthening synergies with main businesses.