Materials Science
As a leading Chinese new chemical materials service provider, Sinochem Holdings has laid out the industrial chain aligning with core industries of the national economy, focusing on developing high-end, differentiated and specialty products with high added value.

Our materials science segment encompasses a broad portfolio, including engineering plastics, polymer additives, fluorine chemicals, electronic chemicals, specialty fibers, lithium battery materials, etc. We are committed to becoming a world-class supplier of automotive materials solutions and providing key raw materials for industries.

After the joint restructuring, our materials science segment will consist of several listed companies both at home and abroad such as Sinochem International (600500.SH), Luxi Chemical (000830.SZ), Haohua Technology (600378.SH) and Elkem (ELK.OL), etc. With global operations, we will own production bases in such countries as China, France, Spain, Norway, Brazil, South Africa, Iceland, South Korea, etc. We have established comparative advantages with global competitiveness in several subdivisions, leading on polyphenylene ether (PPE), polycarbonate (PC), nylon, epoxy resin, silicone, rubber antioxidant, fluorine rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), refrigerant, nitrogen trifluoride (NF3), para-aramid and other products.

Silicon series
The main production bases of silicon business are located in Jiujiang (in Jiangxi Province),Liaocheng(in Shandong Province)、 Norway, France, USA, Italy, Spain, Iceland, South Africa, Malaysia, Brazil, Lanzhou(in Gansu Province); Plant capacity: 760,000 t/a organosilicon monomer, 280,000 t/a silicon metal, 360,000 t/a carbon, 320,000 t/a ferrosilicon, 1.5 GW/year solar module; Main product photovoltaic modules; The main products include silicon metal, 107 adhesive, sealant, rubber compound, liquid silicone rubber, silicone oil emulsion, solar modules, etc. The trademarks include Elkem, BLUESIL, STARSIL, Superseed, ELSEP, REC, etc.

With excellent photoelectric conversion efficiency, the solar modules can be used as a safe energy device and installed on the roofs of small households and commercial premises in large public areas, as well as in various freshwater reservoirs, farms, DAMS and aquaculture areas.
Elkem ASAChina Bluestar ChengrandLuxi Group Co., Ltd.REC Solar
Fluorine series
Our Fluorine business includes inorganic fluoride,fluorine polymers and fluorine-containing fine chemicals. Major products consist of R134a、R125、PTFE, PVDF, fluorine rubber, tetrofluoropropanol,:lithium hexafluorophosphate, etc. The products are comprehensively applied in the fields of electronical communication, aerospace, petrochemical, automobile, textile, medicine, etc. The subsidiary company in this business is Zhonghao Chenguang Research Institute of Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. The typical applications of fluorine products are:

1、 Refrigeration/Air conditioning:As the refrigeration working media, refrigerating fluid plays a role in thermodynamic cycle of vaporization heat absorption and condensation heat release in the refrigeration system so as to realize the purpose of refrigeration. Sinochem Lantian has different kinds of refrigerating fluids of different series, all of which have been applied to such industries as auto and home appliances and also start to apply to heat pump industry and cold chain logistics gradually.

2、Lithium battery:Electrolyte, as one of the four key raw materials of lithium ion battery, plays a role in ionic conduction between the battery anode and cathode and therefore can be applied to many lithium battery downstream industries such as power vehicles, energy storage, 3C digital, electric tools and electric bicycle. Sinochem Lantian has cultivated a high quality electrolyte R & D team which can satisfy customer’s requirements for high energy and density, safety, low cost, high and low temperature, etc.

3、Applications of PTFE resins: 1. Applied to the fields of electronics, communications and automobiles for making catheters and cables; 2. Making valves, pipelines, elbow linings, diaphragms, etc. 3. Making water-based paints for non-stick pan.
Sinochem LantianLuxi Group Co., Ltd.Zhonghao Chenguang Research Institute of Chemical Industry
Engineering plastics
Engineering plastics are a type of high-performance polymer materials that can be used as structural materials, withstand mechanical stress in a wide temperature range, and used in more demanding chemical and physical environments. The performance characteristics of engineering plastics can withstand a certain external force, have good mechanical properties and dimensional stability, can still maintain its excellent performance at high and low temperatures, and can be used as engineering structural parts.

The main properties of engineering plastics are the thermal properties of glass transition temperature and melting point, high heat distortion temperature, high temperature for long-term use, large temperature range, and small thermal expansion coefficient. Mechanical properties include high strength, high mechanical modulus, low creep, strong wear resistance and fatigue resistance. Other properties include chemical resistance, electrical resistance, flame resistance, weather resistance, and good dimensional stability.

The main products of the company is PPE、PC、PA、PBT、ABS and epoxy resins.
Luxi Group Co., Ltd.Nantong Xingchen Synthetic MaterialElix PolymersJiangsu Yangnong Kumho ChemicalSinochem Plastics蓝星吸附科技有限公司
Polymer additive
Polymer additives are special chemicals used in the polymerizing and processing of polymer materials to improve the properties of polymers. such as anti-oxidation and flame-retardant properties. They can also be used to improve polymer processing properties, such as plasticization and lubrication.

Since 1990s, the invention of new polymers has been declining, whereas the market demands for the application and processing properties of polymers has been growing strongly.When it comes to meeting the customization requirement, people can only use highly specific polymer additives to help realize or enhance corresponding properties. The applications of polymer additives products include:

1、Antioxidants can significantly improve the aging indicators of rubber chemicals. When applied in tires, antioxidants can not only slow down the aging of tires, but also extend their service life and increase their safety.Sennics regards antioxidants as an important part of its "green and customized formula solution", to meet customers' higher expectations.

2、Insoluble sulfur is produced through the thermal polymerization of ordinary sulfur. It connects linear rubber polymers into dense nets, to physically increase the density of the overall structure.Insoluble sulfur enables the adhesion between plies and rubber to be stronger.Insoluble sulfur is the cores of Sennics multi-product strategy, and an important basis for creating the green and circular industry chain.

3、Accelerators:In the process,the sulfur vulcanization time can be significantly reduced, the density of cross-linking can be increased. In the development of accelerants, a high quality and a circular economy, Sennics has eliminated the production of saline wastewater, and has realized a circular loop between upstream and downstream operations.
Electronic chemicals
We have R&D and production bases for special gases which we own independent intellectual rights. The major products include NF3, SF6, CF4, WF6, N2O4, HSe, H2S, etc. Many of these products are of electronic grade purity and are applied to the fields of integrated circuits, LED, electric facilities, optical fiber and cables, PV, health, environment protection,etc. Major subsidiary companies includes Liming Research & Design Institute of Chemical Industry Co. Ltd and Guangming Research & Design Institute of Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.

Electronic gas is an indispensable basic source material for the development of integrated circuits, optoelectronics, microelectronics, especially VLSI, liquid crystal display devices, semiconductor light-emitting devices and semiconductor materials. It is called the "blood" and "food" of the electronics industry. Its purity and cleanliness directly affect the quality, integration, specific technical indicators and yield of optoelectronic and microelectronic components, and fundamentally restrict the accuracy and accuracy of circuits and devices.
Liming Research&Design Institute of Chemical IndustryZhonghao Guangming Chemical Research & Design InstituteJiangsu Sinopure Electronic MaterialsSinochem Hebei
Lithium batteries and materials
Lithium-ion batteries and other traditional types of batteries, such as the common alkaline battery. Nickel-metal hydride batteries, etc., have the same work, but the advantages of lithium ion batteries, one is that its manufacture and use almost no pollution and damage to the environment, two is that it can be stored and use time is hundreds of times more than the traditional battery.

From chemical system used in lithium batteries, lithium ion batteries commonly used ordinary lithium salt as the anode, such as cobalt acid lithium iron phosphate lithium manganese acid lithium nickel manganese cobalt acid lithium and so on, the use of chemical elements in the periodic table 4 main group elements of simple substance or compound, as the cathode, charge and discharge, through the lithium ion in anode materials are shuttling between the formation of storage charge.

Ternary Cathode Material is the key materails used in the production of rechargeable lithium batteries, costing more tha 40% of the cell budget. Our company's main business products are ternary materials, aiming to provide customers with the best cathode material solutions. Our materials are widely used in portable electronic products, electric tools, and new energy vehicle to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Science & Technology Co., LTD.Ningxia Sinochem Lithium Battery Materials
High performance fiber
The main production bases are located in Lanzhou (in Gansu Province), Chengdu (in Sichuan Province), Yizheng(in Jiangsu Province),and UK; The capacities of main plants are 5300 tons/year precursor, 1600 tons/year carbon fiber, 1700 tons/year aramid fiber 1414, 3700 tons/year super absorbent fiber, 500 tons/year special products, etc. The main products include aramid fiber 2, aramid fiber 3, carbon fiber and super absorbent fiber; The trademarks are Bluestar, Bluestar Chengrand, SAF, etc.
Bluestar Chengrand ChemicalTECHNICAL ABSORBENTS LTD