Industrial Finance

Sinochem Holdings’ financial business began in 1991, covering trust, financial leasing, life insurance, industrial funds, commercial factoring, insurance brokerage, securities investment funds, financial futures, comprehensive business services, among others. After nearly 30 years of prudent operations and innovative development, we have formed a financial services package with complete qualifications and cultivated competitive and influential brands including FOTIC, Far East Horizon, Manulife-Sinochem and Lion Fund. We also possess industry-leading risk control competence and profitability.

In the new era, financial institutions are urged to consider how to bridge the financial industry with the real economy, implement new development concept, prevent systemic risks, promote the transformation and upgrading of the real economy, and take the financial industry back to its original mandate. Standing at a new historical starting point in 2017, we established the strategic business unit of Finance and integrated our financial businesses. In early 2018, Sinochem Capital Co. Ltd. and Sinochem Capital Investment Management Ltd. were founded, based on which we completed the restructuring of our financial businesses and continually introduced strategic investors.

Guided by the ICI (Industrial Finance, Circle & Chain Platform and Internet Technology) strategy, our finance business aims to create a fintech-leading smart financial services platform focusing on consumer finance, industrial finance, industrial investment, financial market services, financial investment and financial technology in China’s booming consumption circle and wide consumer base in the upgraded industrial chain. We are committed to becoming China’s most valuable and innovative provider of industrial financial services.