The petrochemical business of Sinochem Holdings mainly involves oil trading, petroleum products marketing, petrochemical products marketing, refinery-chemical integration, petrochemical warehousing, industrial park development and energy internet.

Our petrochemicals production bases are mainly located in Quanzhou, Dongying, and Weifang, mainly operated by entities such as Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical and Huaxing Petrochemicals. Our products are widely applied in petrochemicals, agriculture, automobile transportation, textile, packaging, electronics and electrical appliances, nutrition and health.

Relying on 70 years of experience in the petroleum industry, our subsidiaries, represented by Sinochem Oil Company, Sinochem Oil Marketing Company, Sinochem Petrochemical Distribution Company and Sinochem Energy High-Tech Company, Sinochem Energy Co., Ltd. has developed a whole industry chain encompassing crude oil trading at the upstream, processing and production at the middle stream, and petrochemical sales at the downstream.

At a new starting point, Sinochem Holdings will continue to leverage its internationalization, focus on enhancing industrial chain competitiveness and highlight marketing and service capabilities, striving to achieve sustainability driven by technology and innovation.
Coal chemical products
Coal chemical industry refers to the process in which coal is converted into gas, liquid and solid fuel and chemicals by chemical processing.
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Petrochemical products
Petrochemical products are obtained by further chemical processing of the raw oil or gas (such as propane, gasoline, diesel, etc.) provided in the refining process. The first step in the production of petrochemical products is to crack raw oil and gas to produce basic chemical raw materials represented by ethylene, propylene, butadiene, benzene, toluene, and xylene. The second step is to produce various organic chemical raw materials (about 200 kinds) and synthetic materials (synthetic resin, synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber) with basic chemical raw materials. Sinochem Holdings mainly provides petrochemical products such as polyolefin, acrylonitrile, cyclohexanone, caprolactam and phenol / acetone.
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Petroleum products
Petroleum products are produced by processing crude oil. Sinochem Holdings mainly provides the three major refined petroleum products, naphtha, liquefied petroleum gas, C4 after etherification reaction, marine fuel petroleum, petroleum coke, industrial sulfur (liquid / solid) and asphalt.

Automotive petrol products include No. 92 (country VI) and No. 92 oxygenated petrol (Singapore standard). It is mainly composed of isomerized oil, high octane gasoline components, catalytic gasoline (after selective hydrogenation and etherification of light gasoline) and additives to improve service performance. It has high-octane rating, low sulfur, low olefin, reasonable distribution of composition and distillation range, moderate evaporation, good cleanliness, long induction period and good stability.

Diesel products include No. 0 (country VI), No. -10 (country VI), low-sulfur diesel (Australian standard) and low-sulfur diesel (Hong Kong standard). The product quality is subject to the standards of country VI and developed countries and regions such as Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and others. It is mainly composed of a certain amount of additives by distillate of refining secondary processing diesel oil with hydrogenation, which can improve the performance of the petroleum products. It has suitable cetane number, good ignition and cold start-up, moderate viscosity, freezing point and cold filter plugging point, good fluidity and atomization performance, good thermal and storage stability, low blocking tendency, low tendency to form carbon deposition and good cleanliness.

The aviation kerosene product includes No. 3 jet fuel and jetA-1 jet fuel. The product quality is subject to standards of the nation, British Ministry of Defense and American ASTM. It is a kind of high quality kerosene jet fuel, which is blended with hydrocracked kerosene fraction or refined straight run kerosene fraction with appropriate additives as required. It has good combustion performance, proper evaporation, good low-temperature fluidity, good cleanliness, good thermal stability and storage stability, good lubrication and wear resistance, low corrosion, no odor, moderate flame radiation capacity and so on.

Marine fuel petroleum products include light marine fuel petroleum, marine distillate fuel petroleum, marine residual fuel petroleum RMG380.
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Salt chemical products
Salt chemical products refer to sodium chlorate, soda ash, ammonium chloride, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, chlorine, hydrogen and metallic sodium by processing salt or bittern, as well as the further processing and comprehensive utilization of these products.
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