Upon benchmarking against innovation system of leading international conglomerate, we take “Innovation Triangle” as the core and coupled with the innovation characteristics of the industry and industrial development stages, we have creatively proposed to build an OMI (Open, Multiple, Industrial) science and technology innovation system, perfected the scientific decision-making governance system, strengthened the organizational leadership of science and technology innovation, and provided decision-making and technical support for our innovation strategy and major science and technology projects.

Sinochem Holdings continues to strengthen its science and technology innovation capacity building. Currently, we possess 29 nation-level R&D platforms.

With life science, materials science, petrochemicals and environmental science as core businesses, we develop a business layout of generic technologies and product development, promote product restructuring and technological upgrading, build core competitiveness and undertake national science and technology special projects including major science and technology special projects and key R&D plans, aiming to provide high-end supporting products and integrated solutions for related fields.

From 2000, we won 8 national technical invention awards, 21 national scientific and technological progress awards, and 1 China industrial award. We have a total of 24,810 valid Authorized Patents, 1 China Patent Gold Award and 50 China Excellent Patent Awards jointly issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), and 4 national intellectual property demonstration enterprises recognized by CNIPA.

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While continuing to strengthen science and technology innovation capacity building, by carrying out industrial cooperation, participating in government projects, and deepening the “Industry-University-Research” cooperation with dozens of top universities and academic research institutions at home and abroad, we have joined forces to develop new technologies, produce new products, expand new applications and cultivate new businesses, aiming to build a new open innovation ecosystem.

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