Sinochem Holdings is committed to fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities. While achieving development goals, we have been promoting sustainable economic, social and environmental development and enhancing people’s well-being.

We take sustainable development as the fuel driving company growth and progress and an important part of core competitiveness. We will incorporate the concept of sustainable development into our mission, culture and values and integrate the practice of sustainable development into our daily operation and management activities and communication with stakeholders, contributing to economic development, social progress, industrial upgrading and better quality of people’s life.

Concept & Objective

Adhering to the value of “In Science We Trust”, we have formed the outlook on sustainable development, which is in line with the global trend, China’s basic national conditions and the company’s development practices. It is also integrated into the company’s mission, culture and values. Through innovative development and excellent management, we will provide first-class products and services for the society and create maximum value for customers, shareholders and employees. As a model of resource conservation and environmental friendliness in the industry, we aim to realize harmonious development among our company, society and environment.