Hangzhou Water Treatment Builds Seawater Desalination System in Multiple Countries




Hangzhou Water Treatment
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From 2010 to the end of 2021, Hangzhou Water Treatment has helped built 27 seawater desalination systems in 15 countries and regions. The seawater, after desalination, would enter the municipal tap water pipe network and support the production of enterprises. This process has given seawater a broader purpose in terms of helping production and livelihood, thus aiding energy conservation, emission reduction and water recycling.

The northern region of South America experiences dry weather and little rain, resulting in scarce water resources and a serious drinking water problem for the people. With its prized technology, Hangzhou Water Treatment qualified the seawater desalination project in the region with daily output of 10560 tons. At present the water output of the project is stable, with good quality of water.

The Philippines lacks freshwater resources and faces water scarcity in industrial production. Dinginin 2*660MW coal-fire power plant in the Philippines needs a significant amount of fresh water to maintain the operation of boilers and the cooling system. Aimed at energy conservation, Hangzhou Water Treatment provided a seawater desalination system for the project, with a project scale of 15000 tons per day.

A natural gas to methanol project of an enterprise in the northern Far East is in need of a great amount of fresh water. In June 2020, Hangzhou water treatment, with professional technical strength and rich overseas engineering experience, stood out in multiple rounds of competition and became a subcontractor of seawater desalination for the project.