New Silicone Oil Workshop Put into Operation in E China's Jiangxi




Elkem Silicones
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Bluestar Elkem Silicones announced the official opening of its new low viscosity methyl silicone oil production workshop at a launch ceremony in east China's Jiangxi Province in December 2021. Elkem Silicones also signed a strategic deal with major fabric material manufacturers in the industry during the ceremony.

Located in Bluestar Elkem Silicones (Xinghuo Silicones), the new workshop adopts self-developed technology with independent intellectual property rights. It aims to expand the supply capacity for the world's growing personal care market and the Asia Pacific region, the world's largest textile and leather market, as well as help clients solve supply chain problems, address challenges in sustainable development, enhance product innovation and boost their growth rate.

The newly-opened workshop is an important step for Elkem Silicones to better implement China's development strategy among overseas enterprises as well as expand the downstream businesses, so as to enhance coordinated development of upstream and downstream businesses and ensure that Elkem Silicones becomes the market leader in the production of low viscosity methyl silicone oil.